My Internal Keynote Address

Any conference you attend there is generally a keynote (or two) from an industry expert and/or celebrity that ties into the general theme of said conference. Generally, the attendees leave the keynote both educated as well as enthused to learn more on the topic.

This enthusiasm can be short-lived and dropped by the time you have arrived home from the conference or it can have a long-lasting impact in which the attendee is awakened and continues forward post conference to learn and try to implement the lessons they learned.

This got me to thinking, what if I gave myself my own internal keynote address each day/week. The goal would be to find a way to frame the upcoming day/week to both energize myself to conquer the task at hand as well as to continue my pursuits (both professionally and personally). Whether it be an upcoming meeting with a co-worker, a current project I am responsible for we all have those days that are taxing and hard to generate the same level of excitement.

A lot of how your day goes is heavily dependent on your attitude. Do you want that day to be a good day or a bad day? Are you going to see challenges as a road block or as an opportunity to learn something new? These are just a few examples of conversations or keynote addresses on could give themselves.

I will blog more on various testing ideas, concepts and/or strategies, but wanted to start (or resume) on this topic as well as make the following plan over the upcoming calendar year and thus hope then helps others hold me accountable (and for me to be accountable to myself as well).


  1. Blog on a routine basis. My initial goal is 1 per week and have set a weekly reminder to myself asking “Have you blogged yet this week?” Hopefully more than 1/week and realize that not every blog post has to be a novel. They can be short and to the point as well.
  2. Engage in testing related conversations on social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) on a weekly basis.
  3. Continue to read and experiment with new techniques/procedures and work to train my team on these.
  4. Actively participate in the IWST’s (Indianapolis Workshops for Software Testing) and present information as well.
  5. At CAST 2014, develop and sign up to do a Lightning Talk. Also to introduce myself to 10 new people that I don’t know and engage in discussion.

After previous conferences I have come back rolling like a ball on fire, but eventually this fades a bit and fall back to the wayside as real life kicks in and let myself get defeated (or delayed). My goal is to continue on and try to make each week as enlightening and motivating as a week attending a CAST conference does for me. I also strive to help those that work on my team gain the same excitement for their craft as well.

Thanks for reading. I will be working on my takeaways from CAST 2013 in Madison, Wisconsin over the next week.


About Alex Bantz

Director of Quality Engineering at Salesforce in Indianapolis, Indiana. The views expressed here are my own and not those of Salesforce. I am a proud father of 3 wonderful boys. I have been involved in the field of software testing 15 years as both an individual contributor and in managerial/leadership roles. I enjoy not only learning new techniques but also assisting others in their growth and development and am a vocal supporter of the importance of software testing. View all posts by Alex Bantz

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